Blue Crystal 316L stainless steel bike bracelets

Do you love biking? If you do, grab this wonderful limited edition bracelet to show off your appreciation for the coolest bikers around.

Product features:

  • It's customized and well polished
  • Made of blue crystal Rhinestone and 316L stainless steel
  • The length is various for both male and female (18cm and 22cm)
  • Width of 1cm, weight of 50g

US and UK customers:You will receive your package within a week.
We ship within 3 days with a UPS (US) or Royal Mail (UK) tracking numbers.

Other countries (New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland...): You will receive your package from 10-15 days with USPS tracking number.

Mexico, Brazil, and Italy: 15-30 days.

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